Sunday, November 1, 2009

Leave it to Keselowski to Cause the Big One at Talladega

What is NASCAR waiting for -- Brad Keselowski to kill someone??? Yet ANOTHER wreck at the end of the race caused by Keselowski. Maybe they WANT to nickname him Killer....No doubt it would take something like that before the NASCAR hierarchy does something about this talentless jockey causing wreck after wreck after wreck.

We know the sport was altered forever with the death of Dale Earnhardt. We have witnessed too many racing-related deaths over the past 20 years to have much patience with NASCAR's utter avoidance of this issue. Keselowski has not proven that he has an ounce of talent. Only that he is quite adept at the old 'wreck and run.' No wonder he has fit in so well with the other Hendrick drivers....If all the drivers that owe him a payback were to take action, young master Keselowski wouldn't have anything left to load up on the hauler and take home.