Saturday, October 6, 2007

In NASCAR, the Race is NOT to the Fastest

NASCAR's embarrassing itself more and more lately. Several of the fastest cars in qualifying at Talladega on Saturday will not be in the field because they are not 'locked in' by being in the Top 35 in points and have to race for the remaining 8 spots in the field.

This just ain't right. NASCAR always claims to want to give the fans a show. Well, give 'em the FASTEST 43 cars in the field!!! That's racing.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Is Bruton Smith the Britney Spears of NASCAR?

Self-centered, egocentric and above the law? Bruton is throwing a hissy-fit because the Chamber of Commerce angered him when they voted to ban drag strips--addressing concerns of homeowners in the vicinity worried about the noise. Bruton's reaction? Threaten to close the 2 mile Charlotte Motor Speedway and build a new site elsewhere.

"In light of what's happened ... now I could take that $200 million and maybe another $100 (million) or $150 million and I could build a new facility," Smith said.

Talk about wanting to cut the nose off to spite the face! What an idiotic reaction. Sounds more like a self-centered teenager than a multimillionaire businessman. So much for history, community, and smart business practices. Hey, Bruton--since you have money to burn, send a few million my way. Apparently, you won't even miss it...Maybe you can rent the old speedway out to Hendrick racing for their practice sessions - oh, wait, that's right. They already use it for that...

The antics of Britney Spears, particularly in the past few weeks, reminds one of Bruton's reaction. Boo hoo hoo.... I'm above the law and they won't go along with me, so I'll show them! Yes, Bruton--show the racing community that you are an over-inflated egomaniac. Yep. That'll show 'em...

Monday, October 1, 2007

NASCAR Tops Itself in Lucricidity at Kansas

I'm not sure if Lucricidity is a word, but if it is, there ought to be a NASCAR logo next to it in the dictionary.

What the hell was that at Kansas Motorspeedway Sunday??? The race starts, then is delayed by rain. The race restarts. A little after halfway, a downpour halts the race. NASCAR rushes to dry the track (why? Because the 24 and 48 are a lap down because of green flag pitstops?). The race is restarted with NASCAR announcing that lap 225 will be the last lap. A wreck occurs. NASCAR announces that the race will end at lap 210, since it's getting dark. With less than 4 laps to go, another caution flies when the 42 car blows a tire. Since it's getting a bit dark, NASCAR then announces that the race is over. Greg Biffle is in the lead. Biffle does NOT cross the start finish line; he pulls off the track. NASCAR says Biffle won it, anyway, because the scoring loops (which are the PREVIOUS point at which a car is scored, around the track) show Biffle was leading (even though he did not cross the finish line first) are where the field was 'frozen.' Huh???

If you don't cross the finish line, then you really shouldn't get the win. Sorry, Biff -- you blew this one.

NASCAR had to issue YET ANOTHER 'clarification' as to how the end of THIS race was scored.

We need to stop insulting the WWE. At least they don't pretend they're not scripted.