Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dale Jr -- We Hardly Knew Ye

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has truly become an adopted son of Hendrick Racing. No longer does he speak and have the confidence he showed for years as Dale Earnhardt JUNIOR. Now he stammers and scrounges for words when he is interviewed. He does not sound confident, self-assured, or even like he did a few years ago.

He has bonded, lock, stock and barrel with Rick Hendrick. If Dale Jr.. thinks Hendrick is a substitute for the father he lost, he is sadly mistaken.

Dale Sr. would never have approved of Dale Jr.'s deserting DEI, especially for the Hendrick camp. Dale Sr. would have expected more of Dale Jr.

So did we.

Dale Jr. Obviously, we overestimated you and did not know you as well as we had thought.

In the recent interview with ESPN the Magazine, it was confirmed what we had intuited long ago. Rick Hendrick was behind the attempted takeover at DEI by Dale Jr. last season. It was obvious, really. Who else would have attempted to appear so 'clever' and have tried (successfully) to get Dale Jr. to make a power-play for half of DEI....Hmmmmm...who could that be?...................

Rick Hendrick is playing Dale Jr. like a cheap Stradivarius knockoff....He'll do so as long as it keeps the 24 and 48 teams ahead of Dale Jr.

Funny, one would have thought an Earnhardt would have had more 'street smarts.'