Friday, August 7, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder if NASCAR Can Hear the TVs Clicking OFF

Ratings for race after race are down, down, down.....NASCAR just doesn't seem to realize that a vast majority of fans do NOT love Hendrick Racing, Hendrick the Blob, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Junior or anyone else associated with Hendrick Racing....and despite the announcers' insistence, Mark Martin is NOT the revered fan favorite of all time.....If racing ever gets back to a level playing field where the Hendrick vast fortune is not running the sport--fans might actually start returning to watching NASCAR. Just knowing Johnson is on the pole for a (ho-hum boring) road race is enough to get many of us making alternate Sunday plans rather than sit around watching the TV....or if we do, maybe there will be an IRL or NHRA or (fill-in the blank) sporting event that will be much more entertaining. At least, we sure hope so....

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Local Channel 2 sports announcer stated that Jimmie Johnson won today's race at Pocono....Guess no one told him it was delayed til Monday....So, apparently the FIX IS IN for NASCAR's race.