Thursday, October 9, 2008

Qualifying Rain Out on a Thursday Nite for a Saturday Night Race? What a Joke!!!

Unbelievable. Rain caused cancelling of qualifying for the NASCAR Cup Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturday night. So, Jimmie Johnson is on the pole...Wow... What a surprise.... (NOT!)...NASCAR continues to trudge forward and help Johnson out every chance they get. There is no reason whatsoever qualifying could not have been rescheduled for Friday or even least if it rained, then, it wouldn't look quite so suspicious.

NASCAR, no doubt, is sticking to its antiquarian rules about qualifying....oh, that's right. They can change the car's body (COT), change the point system (Chase), change whateverinhell they want...but this last bastion of control, qualifying, has yet to be altered. And, no wonder ratings are down an average of 5% per race, and TICKET SALES are down at ISC tracks (as announced today) 10-15% from last year...and it's not getting better.

Way to go, NASCAR. Continue to favor the 48 team. That'll get you new fans.......Not.....