Friday, September 26, 2008

Montoya's Pole Time Disallowed so that Jimmie Johnson Can Start First

Leave it to NASCAR to start 'Jimmie-ing' things at Kansas for the 48 car. Juan Pablo Montoya's pole winning time was disallowed after qualifying was done today because 'the car's rear shock exceeded the maximum pressure allowed' according to NASCAR.' That allows the 48 Lowes car driven by Jimmie Johnson to move from second to the starting spot. What, with the mysterious car failures of Kyle Busch's #18 in the first two races, one can only wonder how much NASCAR is working to fiddle with and handicap the outcome of the Chase for the Cup. Many fans have reached the point where we do not trust NASCAR at all, particularly when it comes to officiating the races and overseeing the cars. Particularly when, every time this happens, it appears to benefit the Rick Hendrick Racing entries.

To quote an article on

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Juan Montoya's misfortune was serendipity for Jimmie Johnson, who will start from the pole in Sunday's Camping World RV 400 at Kansas Speedway after Montoya's qualifying speed was disallowed.

Montoya turned a lap in 31.368 seconds (172.150 mph) Friday to knock Jimmie Johnson (172.007 mph) out of the top starting spot for Sunday's race -- only to see his time disallowed because the nitrogen gas pressure in the rear shock absorbers of his No. 42 Dodge exceeded the 75 pounds per square inch allowed under NASCAR rules...

They failed to state the exact numbers telling how severe (or not) the infraction was...

Does NASCAR already have Jimmie Johnson's name engraved on the Cup trophy, too?

Dover's ratings were down drastically. Look for more of the same at Kansas. And, if NASCAR keeps Jimmie-ing the Rules, it is not going to get any better. At least there's a full slate of NFL games on Sunday....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is Kyle Busch's Car Being Sabotaged?

It's sure looking suspicious. Kyle Busch's car has had two major failures in the first two races in the 'Chase for the Cup.' Denny Hamlin has also had difficulties. These Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) cars have been stout all year; Kyle came into the Chase with a substantial lead, considering the point system for wins and laps lead. First in New Hampshire--the sway bar problem (which looks like it was tinkered with). Now, in Dover on Sunday, an inexplicable problem arises again.

One has to wonder if Joe Gibbs Racing has hired any ex-Hendrick employees this past season? Inquiring minds want to know. Or has someone on the inside been bought off? At the risk of sounding conspiracy theorist, it certainly looks like sabotage. After all; this is for a multi-million dollar championship.

Who's sabotaging the 18?