Saturday, February 21, 2009

Someone Please Give Jimmie Johnson a Razor!!

Why does Jimmie Johnson want to look like Brian Vickers? Yikes...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No YELLOW LINE Rule for Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

With all the hulabaloo the past few days over the incredibly stupid and sheer boneheaded move by Dale Earnhardt, Jr., to cause the big one at Daytona, taking out the race leaders, not once did I hear any of the FOX announcers, or the ESPN analysts, or the SpeedTv analysts bother to mention the most obvious rule violation made by Dale Junior. He clearly went well below the double-yellow line when he was trying to pass Vickers (who technically was the first of the lapped cars; Junior's was second), then came back up and hit Vickers' car to cause the wreck. Didn't anyone else see this? I saw it when it happened and wondered about it; all the replays clearly show Junior's car below the line...What gives? Are the yellow lines for everyone but the 88 car? Apparently....

FOX's analysts, particularly Darrell Waltrip, went from an immediate reaction of "That's just plain wrong" to a damage control reaction of "Oh, Junebug doesn't drive like that!" Well, DW--you and your buddies should realize that yes indeed "Junebug" does drive like that. His antics in the qualifiers, as well as the 500, show a driver who is out of focus and making a lot of errors. A few years ago at Bristol Dale Junior deliberately spun his car to get a caution, then was simple-minded enough to say so on the radio. Had he not done so, and that sound byte played on the air, he likely wouldn't have been penalized for that.

In the Nationwide Series race the day before, Jason Leffler was penalized for rough driving for 5 laps for something not nearly so vicious and egregious. But, NASCAR hasn't given up on touting Junior as their poster boy, so fans must assume that he's above reproach and won't be penalized by NASCAR -- or by NASCAR via the announcers who are certainly opinionated when it comes to some drivers.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Official: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Has Run Out of Talent

Ever since Dale Jr.'s much ballyhooed defection to Hendrick Motorsports, it has become increasingly clear that the apple has indeed rolled far, far away from the tree, and every day is rolling even farther.

Junior's antics this weekend, kicking off the racing season at Daytona, leave us baffled. Apparently, he does not know how to enter the pits anymore. He also doesn't seem to know how to race. In today's Daytona 500, Dale Jr. triggered an 11-car wreck that took out the leaders--and he was in a lapped car. He went below the double yellow lines (which the Fox announcers conveniently forgot to mention while they were trying to defend Junior's running out of talent and causing the wreck), then moved back up in the field to knock the other lapped car of Brian Vickers' into the lead pack.

Poor Junior. It's bad enough that he doesn't even know how to speak properly anymore during an interview...we've noted his grasping for words on many occasions since joining Hendrick Motorsports--now he doesn't have the remotest sense of accountability for causing a wreck which he clearly caused. Indeed, his major point made in his post-race interview was that since he had been penalized in the pits, then the rules needed to be changed....Huh??? Boy, he fits right in with his teammates. No accountability--just change the rules instead of penalizing him for breaking the rules. What an ego!! And, apparently a lack of talent to back it up.