Saturday, July 5, 2008

Maybe Dale Jr. Should Change his Last Name

Dale Earnhardt Junior is sounding more and more like a member of the Hendrick family. Maybe he should change his name to Dale Hendrick...Post-race after the NNS race at Daytona last night, he came across with his new, bitchy attitude about how he was going to have to go back and talk to the team about the bad pit stops for his 'protege', Brad Keselowski. By the way, it's rather interesting when you note the pattern of 'young' drivers brought along by Rick Hendrick. And don't think that Hendrick was not instrumental in having Shane Huffman fired and Keselowski hired. Hendrick has been in the background pulling the strings for JR Motorsports for a lot longer than most folks believe.

Just MHO.....

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A 'SELLOUT' at New Hampshire?????

Wow, there must have been a LOT of matchstick thin folks in the stands at New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Cup race on Sunday (June 29) --because there were OBVIOUSLY thousands and thousands of empty seats. According to Jayski's report New Hampshire was proclaiming the 27th consecutive sellout.

Oh, maybe the folks were at the restrooms...or getting a hotdog...or visiting the souvenir haulers...

The empty seats at Michigan last week were rather obvious--this looked even worse. At least at Dover the speedway attempted to cover blocks of thousands of seats with advertising intended for television....

Oh, by the way, did you miss me? :D