Saturday, October 24, 2009

If Only Brad Keselowski Could Drive

Apparently young master Keselowski only knows one way to race--knocking his opponents out of the way. He has yet to actually win a race by ability and talent. Once again, in today's Nationwide Series race in Memphis, Keselowski showed his appalling lack of talent by taking out Justin Allgaier before 40 laps had been completed, wrecking Carl Edwards later in the race and knocking out yet another young driver towards the end. The Hendrick folk, particularly Tony Eury, Sr., seem amused that they can get away with this. One of these days, Keselowski is going to seriously injure or even kill someone--especially if NASCAR doesn't stop kowtowing to the mighty Hendrick dollar and refusing to do anything about this overly aggressive wanna-be driver. One has to laugh at the folks who used to complain about Dale Earnhardt. Dale was aggressive, sure--but he didn't deliberately wreck the competition like Hendrick drivers have been well known to do over the years. But--that's the difference between a racer, a driver and a hack. Keselowski has shown himself to merely be a hack--and sooner or later, it's going to catch up with him. If you can't win by racing and not wrecking the opposition race after race after race, you don't belong in the sport.

Next season, Keselowski is set to driver for Roger Penske. Penske doesn't have the clout of a Rick Hendrick with NASCAR. Maybe that's why Keselowski is getting what he can now. When he no longer drivers for Rick Hendrick, his talentless shenanigans are not likely to be put up with by NASCAR. Too bad NASCAR doesn't have the guts to pull the reins in now on this kid, before he does injure, maim, or kill someone else.