Monday, November 23, 2009

Hendrick is STILL a Convicted Felon

This blog gets at least 10 hits daily for people trying to find out more about the convicted felon, Rick Hendrick, who has used his million$$$ (billion$$$?) to advance in NASCAR. The fact remains that Rick Hendrick PLED GUILTY to 1 count in the infamous Honda Bribery Scandals. The fact that he was BOUGHT a pardon by a donation to the Clinton Library still does not negate the fact of his admitted guilt.

Some of us don't readily pardon someone who can afford to be involved in a $250 MILLION DOLLAR bribery scandal. Just because you buy your way out does not make it right. NASCAR and HENDRICK have become synonymous with the word GREED. The facts are the facts.

It's sad to realize that NASCAR has become a 'sport' just like the WWE (or WWF or whatever you wanna call it).... The days of the true racers are apparently long past. Maybe those who don't know the sport are impressed with the Hendrick-funded Jimmie Johnson 4th 'championship.' Well, not all of us. It's far more impressive for the NHRA's Tony Schumachers ACTUAL run of 7 (count 'em) SEVEN consecutive championships in a far more difficult series.