Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Where are all these Keselowski Apologists Coming From?

Did anyone see the race at Talladega last year, when Brad Keselowski sent Carl Edwards' car up into the fence, injuring a fan? Did anyone see the first race Keselowski 'won' when he wrecked the leaders to get the victory? Or the second race he 'won' when he did the same thing? Does anyone else ever notice these things?

And now, because Carl Edwards is racing Keselowski the same way the Keselowski is racing him--suddenly there is an outraged hue and cry about Edwards' driving and wrecking Keselowski in the Nationwide race last Saturday night at Gateway. Do all these media folk even watch the races? Did they not see Keselowski try to wreck Edwards on the previous lap? Some of the articles online are ludicrous. One guy in Florida goes as far as to say park Edwards before he kills someone. Really? Are you that worried about that happening or just looking for a way to get readership?

It can't be both ways. Keselowski has a long, ugly record and reputation for dirty driving--which apparently is hereditary--and when a driver tries to take you out repeatedly for the win, you have two choices--stand up for yourself or roll over and let the bully win. I'm not a fan of Carl Edwards, but I like that he doesn't take it from a dirty driver like Keselowski.

I've been amazed at all the TV and race writers who have jumped on the Keselowski bandwagon. Where were they last year, when Keselowski was getting away with wrecking everyone around him? Carl managed to save his car when Brad tried to wreck him. Brad just didn't have the talent to save his own car when he got a wee bit of payback.

And Bob Keselowski--Brad's father--should have his NASCAR hardcard pulled for the comments he made on television after the wreck. So, he wants to get his driver suit on and go out on the track and take out Carl. What's wrong with this scenario? Complain about someone wrecking your son and how he drives, then go out and do the same to him in revenge? Yeah, Bob, that's mature. Joey Logano's father had his hardcard pulled last year for getting involved in an argument after the race--Keselowski's dad should have his card pulled for the remarks he made on national TV.