Saturday, July 10, 2010

Johnson and Bonus Points Make Mockery of Chase for the Cup

It's very simple. Bonus points are going to affect the way the top 12 drivers line up for the Chase for the Cup once that field is set, and as it stands, Jimmie Johnson will be ranked first regardless of which position he is in because of the bonus point system. Yet another reason fans are disgusted with the Chase format.

We all know Hendrick's 48 team is trying to lie low and play possum til the chase starts. Otherwise, there would be even LESS viewership and even LESS seats sold at the no longer sell-out tracks.

Did anyone doubt that Dale Jr. was going to win at Daytona in the #3 Wrangler car? I could have made a fortune if I could find anyone dumb enough to bet against that one. Diecast sales HAVE been in a bad slump.

A little parity in the sport would have done wonders. Now, anything NASCAR does is just going to be more of the same -- too little, too late.