Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Some Guy Named Doug Guthrie Loves My Blog!!

This guy is a hoot. He writes for the Detroit News/Sports with a weblog. I guess I have a bona fide fan...What's really funny is that he says most of the same things I say, particularly about the topic of the "suspended" Hendrick crew chiefs in his own blog...

Doug's latest column includes (these are his words):

"Last time I linked to a rant by Valerie Wood she e-mailed me an angry message that said I was rude. I warn you that her opinions are heavily weighted by her love for Dale Junior and her hatred for everything Hendrick. Last time she defended Talladega's beer-throwing fans saying malicious destruction of property and borderline felonious assault are the only form of expression open to her sunbaked Budweiser-powered faithful. This time I actually agree with part of what she is saying. The three suspended crew chiefs were at New Hampshire leading their teams from motor homes a few steps outside the garage -- meeting the letter of NASCAR's laws. As for spirit, NASCAR doesn't care about anything that isn't the color of money. It is a farce and it made Valerie mad. She's fun to read when she's angry."

Well, I did email Doug. I said (verbatim from my email):


You'll never understand the whole thing with Gordon. And, no, I don't "HATE" him and I don't appreciate your putting that out there as you did. It is true I don't admire him. You and the NASCAR media are never going to change that fact...Not for me and for a very large majority of fans. There's too much I know about him, from being around the sport for 35 years, but you might be a little more discerning if you're going to cruise around the web looking for fodder for your articles. Not that we mind being quoted!! But, come on. Don't say I hate someone when I don't. That was rude.

Valerie Wood

Not that Doug ever gave me the courtesy of a reply. It's true -- I don't like being accused of 'hatred'. That's a bit overblown. I don't like cheating, lying, stealing, bribery, and just about any other felony you could name. If that makes me a 'hater' in someone's book, well, perhaps they should re-evaluate their own opinions and definitions. Some of us, with the 4th of July upon us by the way, love truth, justice and the American way....

Thanks, Doug, for the mentions! How can I be mad at someone who loves to quote me, and who takes me so seriously? At least he realizes my opinionated commentary is very often humorous...