Monday, July 2, 2007

NASCAR Alibi's for the Suspendees

Good ol' Robin Pemberton had to go on TV prior to yesterday's race at Loudon to explain that those who are suspended may not go where any NASCAR license is needed (e.g., pit road, the pit box, the garage). Apparently it's OK to sit in the motorhome, buy a ticket and talk on your exclusive Hendrick frequency....oh, that's right....they don't think we recall that several weeks ago much ado was made of Hendrick Racing having their very own private radio frequency. What will Nextel/Sprint come up with next?

The crew chiefs are allowed to text message, cell phone, email, etc. On tonite's NASCAR Now, Tim Brewer stated that both Knaus and Letarte met with their interim crew chiefs prior to and after the race. I'm sorry--what part of suspension don't we understand???

The fact remains that in REAL sports, suspensions are SERVED, not worked around. I've been defending NASCAR as a real sport for over 25 years....guess that stance needs re-evaluation once again. This year has been one of the worst dog-and-pony shows in a long time. Add the COT to that, and you really get a mangled season....

If a team is caught cheating over and over, do you really think they are going to suddenly abide by the rules???