Thursday, April 26, 2007

NASCAR PO'ed at Tony Stewart'sTelling the Truth

Tony Stewart's comments on his radio show this past week about NASCAR's questionable debris cautions only backs up what many of us have been saying for a few years. Comparing NASCAR to WWF (or whatever you want to call the pro wresting league) is an apt way to view NASCAR's not so subtle way of directing the outcome of a race.

Likewise, NASCAR's use of their 'pit road speed limit.' NASCAR recently maintained they now have a 5 MPH leeway; of course that depends on where and when they clock the car from. Denny Hamlin was accused of going 50.1 MPH over the tolerance established for Phoenix (45 MPH + 5 MPH), so he was penalized for speeding. This is only one of many instances in the past couple of years where some drivers are penalized while others who consistently smoke their tires in and out of the pits, like Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth, are rarely if ever caught speeding.

NASCAR spokesmen said they were "disappointed" in Tony's comments regarding NASCAR and Pro Wrestling. Guess the truth hurts.