Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who Really Owns Stewart-Haas Racing??

Once again, NASCAR's version of the Blob, "Mister" Rick Hendrick, was fast to Victory Lane after Saturday night's Daytona win by Tony Stewart, to claim credit for Tony's victory in the race. Hendrick has been on the Speed Channel's Victory Lane show, as well, in the past to brag about how 'his' team, won the All-Star race. Funny, all this time, we have been told that Tony Stewart and Carl Haas owned the team, and Hendrick only supplied the motors. Looks like, once again, Hendrick is skirting the rules about team ownership and, in addition to his 4 Hendrick Racing teams, owns two more teams -- Tony Stewart's and Ryan Newman's. Leave it to Hendrick to find a way around the rules. Guess a convicted felon like Hendrick still is working at circumventing legalities.

It's very disappointing for Smoke's fans to see Hendrick mooch over and claim all the credit for Tony's work. Tony deserves better -- unless, of course, Hendrick really does own the team. Then it's just Hendrick $$$ once again running NASCAR. Maybe that should be changed to HASCAR -- Hendrick Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. And, poor Jack Roush -- he has to get rid of 1 team, to comply with having 4 by 2010 -- while Hendrick can brag about having 6 teams (at least).