Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dirty Racing Deal at 'Dega--Kesalowski Proves Nothing

How many of you out there are sick and disgusted at the Fox broadcasters TELLING you what YOU saw, putting their spin on it, and defying anyone to disagree with them? Once again, after a harrowing wreck at Talladega on the last lap of the race, the 3 Stooges of the booth, Jeff Hammond, Larry McReynolds and good old Darrell "Jaws" Waltrip quickly jumped to the defense of Brad Keselowski, who wrecked leader Carl Edwards on the way to the checkered flag. It was clear that Keselowski got into Edwards left rear and caused the wreck, claiming that he had no 'choice' because Edwards was blocking him.

Can you imagine if Dale Earnhardt Senior had done the same thing? Do you think the Fox Stooges would have defended Dale???? No, there is no doubt they would have crucified his driving and intentionally wrecking the leader. So, why is this 'OK' now--because Keselowski was driving a Hendrick powered car? That's pretty well the bottom line. NASCAR vieweship, ticket sales, merchandise sales and about any other sales have plummeted--partly because of the economy, but as much if not more because the multi-billionaires running the sport have chased the long-time fans away with manipulation, greed and allowing multi-teams such as Rick Hendrick racing to run rampant even while insisting the Jack Roush's and other former multi-teams cut the number of cars they field. Now it's getting hard for even a venerated team like Earnhardt Ganassi to fund the #8 car, which was parked a couple of weeks ago due to lack of sponsoprship. Never fear, Rick Hendrick's tainted money will keep his own stable running, even as it also apparently keeps several satellite teams (such as Keselowski's) running partly as R&D teams for Hendrick. Oooops....we're not supposed to know about that stuff.

Keselowski's 'win' should have been stripped from him. It's certainly nothing to be proud of. And, if the Native American curse is indeed still active at Talledega, who knows? He might well join Bobby Hillin and a few others as drivers whose only NASCAR win came at the venerated raceway. That would be poetic justice indeed. Particularly since his car was sponsored by the Miccosuke Indian Casinos....

Carl Edwards was classy, as usual, in the post-race interview, declining to point fingers at Keselowski. The fans who watched the race's end -- and NOT the Fox announcers -- saw what happened, and it wasn't as they tried to portray it. Keselowski wrecked Edwards. Well, NASCAR is thriving on greed, so what's new?