Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well, I'm b-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-c-k!!! NASCAR, have you missed me?

After a well-deserved break, I am back to help kick of the 2009 NASCAR racing season, such as it is....and apparently, just in the nick of time!

How come points can be sold between teams???? Ironic that NASCAR controls car numbers and won't let teams sell those--but points, on the other hand, are a a commodity that can be sold between teams.... WHY???? Why should one team be able to purchase points from another? That's just plain creepy. And, if NASCAR isn't profiting from this, that's almost creepier!!

It all goes back to that horrible decision NASCAR made around 2002, I think it was, that the top 35 in owners points are 'guaranteed' a spot in a race. Instead of (and I've said this a kazillion times) the FASTEST 43 CARS MAKING THE RACE. Maybe this will be the season in which NASCAR finally realizes that this is the ONLY FAIR WAY to set a field. After all, once the series is down to about 4 teams fielding 15-20 (depending on how you count the '4 team limit rule (ahem...)) cars, maybe they'll realize they should just let the race teams COMPETE AND RACE.

Tickets are still available for Daytona--who'd have ever thought that??? Sooner or later the 'braintrust' that runs NASCAR has to get it, don't they? can always hope....