Saturday, September 20, 2008

NASCAR's Brass is SOOOOOOO Funny (About time for the drug testing!!)

NASCAR announced today that they are instituting a drug testing policy--something this writer has advocated for about 5 years now. NASCAR sez that they are being 'pro-active' and it is not in response to demands for this.

ROFLMAO..............Pro-active? NASCAR? In ONE SENTENCE?????

The folks who run NASCAR have such super over-inflated egos and opinions of they truly think they came up with this idea all along--and it was not in response to finding out that more than one driver has used drugs over the past several years and been under the influence on raceday.

As John Stossel says, "GIVE ME A BREAK!!"

NASCAR pro-active. Now, THAT's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time....

Guess the bottom line is that they are FINALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT A DRUG TESTING POLICY, no matter how long it took or silly they look in trying to claim it was their idea all along. After all, all the MAJOR SPORTS have had a drug policy in place for some time.