Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NASCAR Doesn't Play Fair

The Toyota teams had 9 cars confiscated after the last race in order for NASCAR to evaluate the horsepower in the engines. The David Reutimann car was found to have an approximately 3% advantage in horsepower over the other makes.

Where was NASCAR when the Rick Hendrick Racing cars, particularly that of the 24 and 48, were running rampant over the other teams a few years ago? NASCAR didn't confiscate any of the RHR cars to evaluate their engine packages.

Once again, NASCAR is using their clout to affect the playing field. RHR tested the COT last year and had an advantage. This season, Joe Gibbs Racing did their homework and it has paid off in victories, particularly for the #18 Kyle Busch Car.

Guess it all depends on who NASCAR is trying to push. Lord knows we've all had enough of them pushing the Gordon and Johnson cars down everyone's throat the past few years. Looks like those teams whined enough this season to convince NASCAR to penalize the competition. Particularly since the competition has outclassed them in performance and talent all season.

Makes one hope that the Kyle Busch team continues to dominate. That, at least, would prove that NASCAR isn't controlling the racing outcomes so far. If they were, the 24 and 48 would have made it to victory lane by now.

Parity and NASCAR -- does it ever really exist??