Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boreyard 400 - The Fix was in?

If ANYONE ever doubted that NASCAR could control the outcome of a race, the results of Sunday's debacle at Indianapolis Motor Speedway should effectively put those doubts to rest. This was a classic example of NASCAR controlling a race, from start to end. When the weekend started, NASCAR knew there would be major tire issues. Rather than let those multi-million dollar, well-paid prima donna teams run their own races -- those guys knew they'd need to pit every 10 laps or so -- NASCAR effectively and efficiently maneuvered the race and its outcome, while piously contending they were acting in the name of safety. In a situation like this, who else but the car in the first pit stall had a major advantage?

NASCAR has proven beyond a doubt that they can control how a race ends. We suspected it--now we know....