Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dale Junior a Cheap Date?

This week, Eddie Gossage offered Dale Earnhardt, Junior $100,000 to drive an IndyCar in the IRL race at Texas; the money to be donated to a charity of Dale Jr's choice. It's not surprising that Dale Jr. refused the offer. He's hardly capable of jumping in an IRL car and racing. Besides, the IRL folks would make him go thru rookie training and orientation. Junior gave what has become a typical Dale Jr. smart-ass remark (ever since he joined Rick Hendrick racing fans have seen a snide, defensive side to Jr. we'd never seen before), that Eddie Gossage must think he's (Dale Jr) a 'cheap date.' I guess when you're Dale Hendrick, Jr....or was it Dale Earnhardt, Jr.,...$100,00 IS just chump change. For most of us that might be a combined couple's yearly salary if both have good jobs.

Poor Junior. Sometimes he might need to learn to think a bit before he comes up with a 'witty' retort. He's been in hot water all week for not aiding teammate Jeff Gordon at Talladega last week. Seems Junior has only traded one prima donna -- leaving DEI at the end of last season -- for another....