Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dale Junior Part of Hendrick Now--Busch Team Caught Cheating

Well, it looks like Dale Junior is now officially a member of the Hendrick family. His Busch team (the #88 Navy team with driver Brad Keselowski) was caught cheating at Memphis (altering lug nuts in an attempt to make pit stops faster). Hendrick Busch driver Casey Mears' team was also found guilty of the same infraction. A trick that Tony Eury, Sr. said he picked up from RHR.

People used to complain about Dale Sr.'s aggressive driving. In all my years of following stock cars (beginning in 1976), I don't recall cheating being leveled at Dale Sr. or his teams. I'll take aggressive driving over cheating any day of the week.

Looks like Dale Junior is already learning the nefarious, crooked cheating ways of the Rick Hendrick organization. Integrity obviously is no longer an issue for the JR Motorsports team.

Anyone who thinks Dale Earnhardt, Sr., would approve of Junior and the course his career has taken obviously has no concept of what Dale would have thought of this. It would hardly be approving.