Saturday, August 4, 2007


If Teresa Earnhardt is truly concerned with carrying on the legacy of her late great husband, Dale Earnhardt, Sr., there is only one option concerning the number 8. Keep it at DEI. The 8 was the number of Dale's father, Ralph Earnhardt, and it was Dale Sr. who set up the 8 team for Dale Jr. to run, honoring his father's number.

Rick Hendrick has his fat checkbook out ready to buy the number 8 from DEI. Teresa--you don't need his bribery-tainted funds. Hendrick's history (as a convicted felon, charged on 15 counts of bribery in the Honda scandals of the early 1990's, who pled guilty to one count in a plea bargain) is well known among the long-time fans of the sport.

The number 8 belongs at DEI. To give it over to Hendrick would be blasphemous. After that, then what? Is the number 3 going to be up for sale, too?

NASCAR proclaimed they would not interfere with any private sale of the number. As usual, NASCAR has let the Hendrick bank account interfere with their thinking. Either NASCAR controls the numbers--or they do not. Which is it, Brian France? Do you have any inkling as to what is going on in the sport?

Teresa, the true Dale Sr. fans hope you keep the number 8 safe along with Dale's legacy. There's enough sell-out in racing today. Some fans hope you keep the number 8 at DEI, where it belongs.