Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Shane Huffman Ousted by JR Motorsports--WHY?

Shane Huffman was running 13th in Busch Series points, and 5th, if you were to exclude all the cherry pickers from the Cup Series who have invaded the Busch Series once again. Add to that the fact that team owner Dale Earnhardt, Jr. qualified the #88 Navy car (after giving Huffman notice earlier last week) quite poorly, and was candid that the car and equipment was not nearly as good as he had thought it was. So for that Shane gets fired? Now Junior is going to put Brad Keselowski in the car--a far more inexperience driver than Shane. Oh, yes. This should be fun. Nothing against Brad, who is definitely a talented, up-and-coming driver--but this move makes little sense in light of Shane's performance is subpar equipment.

What a raw deal for a very talented racer. Shane Huffman deserved better of JR Motorsports. Perhaps the bigger issue was that for some reason DEI did NOT have a Busch car entered for the Friday night race. So, was this the real reason Shane was ousted? Because Junior needed a Friday night ride to prep for the Saturday Cup race at Daytona?

That's the most likely scenario. Hopefully some of the other team owners have taken note of Shane's success in what is now admittedly below par JR Motorsports race cars. He's a good, solid racer and needs a break. And, apparently, some decent equipment.