Thursday, June 14, 2007

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire...or Hendrick and Kyle Busch

Kyle Bush is nothing if not frank. Asked if he was aware that he had been ousted at Rick Hendrick Racing (RHR), he said that he only became aware after the big press conference hooha about Dale Junior coming over to RHR.

“Well, you know, this is all brand new,” said Busch. “I hadn’t talked or discussed or done anything with any other team. There had been a rumor that flew around that I was unhappy at Hendrick Motorsports, which was untrue. I was just frustrated with the way things were going, that I wasn’ able to get results. We had been running good and been fast everywhere, but we just had some bad luck and were crashing, and whatever. “That rumor started, and then after that rumor, it was that I was getting offers from other teams, which, I had never talked to anybody.” Busch said he hadn’t been given any indication that he wouldn’t be back at Hendrick until Monday."

Rick Hendrick can't even lie well....