Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's a Shame a First Cup Win Gets Overshadowed

On Monday, Martin Truex, Jr. won the "Autism Speaks 400" at Dover, Delaware--a race delayed a day by rain. On that same day, Bill France, Jr. passed away.

The media has chosen to focus on the passing of the 74-year-old France, to the point where it's like, Oh, by the way, Truex got his first win.

That's rather sad. France, who unquestionably brought Cup racing to the forefront of sport (while making himself and his family billionaires at the same time), had been out of racing for several years (even though he had kept a hand in the pot, as they say).

Last week's race at Charlotte was much ballyhooed as Casey Mears' first Cup win. It's a pity the same thing couldn't have been done for Truex--who is driving for a far less political team.