Saturday, May 19, 2007

Richie Gilmore compares fine/penalty of Dale Jr. with Death of Dale Sr. and its Aftermath

Check this out:

In USA Today, 5/19/07:
CONCORD, N.C. — Regardless of how a pending appeal turns out, Richie Gilmore, vice president of Dale Earnhardt Inc., said the fines levied against DEI and the looming suspension of crew chief Tony Eury Jr. provide a major rallying point for the No. 8 team of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

"In some ways it's been kind of like it was when we lost Dale Sr.," Gilmore said. "We went out and won (at) Rockingham the next weekend."

It's the kind of boost in morale the No. 8 team can use, particularly in the wake of Earnhardt Jr.'s announcement that he's entertaining any and all offers for his driving services beginning in 2008.

How can ANYONE even think to compare the death of Dale Earnhardt with a NASCAR penalty/fine? I have long had my doubts about Richie Gilmore anyway--he came over to DEI from Hendrick Motorsports and right after that, DEI started losing it's much prized advantage at restrictor plate tracks. Almost like someone from Hendrick was feeding info back to their own team....Who could that be? Hmmmmm.....And, to make a laughable statement like this.

No doubt it might well be a rallying point for the Budweiser team, but please, don't be so asinine as to compare it with February 18, 2001.