Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wonder How Come...(In No Particular Order)

...they call it the Car of Tomarrow? It was the Car of Tomarrow last year. What are they going to call it when Tomarrow gets here? The Car of Yesterday?

...DEI engines were the only ones to blow up at California. Supposably it has to do with the change to unleaded fuel... ??? Seems like ever since Richie Gilmore came to DEI, their restrictor plate program has gone downhill, while Hendrick Racing (from whence he came) has improved dramatically...Can you say "fox in the henhouse?"'s taking so long for Dale Jr. and Richard Childress to team up. That's what most of Dale Jr.'s fans are waiting for.

...Steven Wallace can even see to drive, since he blinks about about 200 times a minute?

...Mark Martin can drive a Chevy in the Cup Series and Fords in the other series? What happened to brand loyalty? one is stepping up to sponser the IROC Series? That's a damned shame that no one will step up to the plate and back it. Of course, it's the most neutral racing series in stock car--NASCAR doesn't have their claws in this one too much.

...NASCAR doesn't admit they blew it and give a race back to Rockingham?